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Charitable Giving Does Not Have to be “Taxing”

Besides the obvious social and economic pluses to donating to a local worthy cause, there may also be something in it for you! Charitable giving does not have to be “taxing”     With some gifts you give, you may be eligible for a tax break, depending on your tax bracket. The higher your tax break, the more money you are allowed to get back, don’t let that deter you if you’re in the lower brackets though, you can still receive a break! … Read More

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Beer for Brains

The Arizona Science Center, located in downtown Phoenix, is hosting an event to benefit the fight against brain cancer. Come down and enjoy a craft beer on Saturday, November 10th, from 7:30 to 11:00 pm. The event will also include live music, multiple tastings and a great resource for those looking to get more information on the battle against cancer. The event promises to provide a wide array of unique brews and local chefs serving up some truly excellent cuisine … Read More

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Charity Spotlight: HALO Animal Rescue

  Who They Are These Arizona angels have been saving animal lives since 1994 as a private 501(c)(3) non-profit. HALO (Helping Animals Live On) is one of the largest no-kill shelters for dogs and cats in the Phoenix area. In 2011, HALO saved the lives of 3,520 animals, sparing them from becoming part of the nearly 50,000 euthanized by other shelters. What They Do  HALO takes in Arizona animals, then  nurses them back to health while giving them tremendous love and … Read More

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