The Not-So-Obvious Side Effects of Charity

Like many of the Christmas movies we all know and love, charitable giving is a way to help those less fortunate and bring loved ones closer together. Many companies also see this move as a positive move in the public arena, and are susceptible to tax breaks from generous contributions.

So what are the side effects of charity?

There is more than meets the eye when you give your time and/or money to an Arizona charity. Your mental health can be impacted greatly by your contributions to society. As long as your giving does not lend itself to be taken advantage of by others, or giving away enough to put you in the poor house.

It’s easy to become cynical and complacent in your current routine, especially if you live in an area like metro-Phoenix. Some of your anguish may be relieved by selfless acts of kindness for others. Giving for the sole purpose of giving is a healthy practice in mental health, not because you are looking to feel better about yourself.

According to studies, even just thinking about doing something generous for others can boost your immune system as protective antibodies surge. Another study involved chronic pain patients and those suffering from depression, which concluded that pain levels went down 13% whilst reaching out to others, suffering. The thought behind the latter study is said to do with an endorphin rush, a euphoric feeling from your neurotransmitters.

If you have considered charitable giving or volunteering, check out some of the resources on Arizona Charities, where we try to bring you coverage about local events and opportunities. Just a little bit of time or money could make a difference to a person, place, or animal in need. Wanting to help others can even help you help yourself through, through selfless acts of kindness.

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