St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance

st marys food bank allianceSt. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance is a nonprofit organization that works within Arizona to alleviate the widespread issue of hunger. Currently, St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance operates within 15 of Arizona’s major counties, existing as the world’s first food bank and sustaining itself through intense volunteerism efforts.

St. Mary’s belongs to Feeding America, a network of nearly 200 similar organizations operating as food banks. St. Mary’s distributes roughly the equivalent of 60 million pounds of food annually, with that number growing all the time. It’s a welcome reprieve for needy families and communities looking for a break from the hardships of financial instability.

Charity Navigator, an independent company built upon grading different charities, has issued St. Mary’s Food Bank its highest honors for the previous decade – the award demonstrates St. Mary’s determination to provide a model charity effort within Arizona’s community of nonprofits. There’s a variety of ways to become involved.

Interested persons can become with involved with volunteering efforts, providing hot meals and food boxes to individuals in need. Alternatively, those individuals in need of provided meals can contact St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance to learn how they can receive assistance from the charity.

For more information on St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance, call (602) 242-FOOD (3663).

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